Welcome Zildjian Cymbals!!!

I proudly announce that i’ve joined “La Ferrari of Cymbals” Zildjian Company…I am stoked being back to Zildjian after many years, it was a child dream that’s happening as i write these words! Expect tons of videos and pics to hear some of the best cymbals you ever heard, got my first touring set and it is out of control!I would like to thank Joe, Johnny, Bob, Eric and all the Zildjian family for their trust and the warm welcome to the family.

My current live set up:

A Mega Bell Ride 21” (right)A Mega Bell Ride 21” (Left)K Mastersound Hi Hat 14”K Dark Crash Thin 18”K Sweet Crash 18”K Custom Dark Crash 19”K Cluster Crash 20”A Custom Splash 6”A Custom Splash 8”K Splash 8”A Special Recording Hi Hat 12”A Custom Mastersound Hi Hat 13”A China High 16”K Custom Dark China 17”K Custom Hybrid China 19”A Custom China 20”