George Kollias – INVICTUS (CD, Vinyl, Merchandising)
George’s long waited first solo album is available through Season of Mist under the title: Invictus!
This is a very special album fully composed by George, with him also performing every instrument and handling all vocals as well. On the bonus, some of the best guitar players in the world contributed a solo making this album more special!
Check the INVICTUS page on this website for more info/credits as well as track list and bonus features. The album is available in CD Digipack, Double Coloured Vinyl, Double LP and there is also Merchandise available.

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George Kollias – THE ODYSSEY OF DOUBLE BASS DRUMMING (Part I: The Beginning)
George’s 1st book is here! The Odyssey Of Double Bass Drumming is the ultimate guide for Double Bass Drumming. Coming out as a book trilogy with each book covering a different level, this book is the greatest Double Bass Drumming journey for students and teachers of any type of music.
First part “The Beginning” is available for pre-ordering. All pre-orders will be Hand-Signed by George!

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Drum Guru App – George Kollias Lesson Packs
Drum Guru is the most popular Lesson App for drummers and it’s available for all iOS and Android devices. Featuring some of the best drummers worldwide, Drum Guru takes the learning experience into the next level.
George offers 3 Lesson packs for different level of students entitled Double Bass Drumming 1 (Beginner) – Double Bass Drumming 2 (Intermediate) – Extreme Double Bass Drumming (Advanced) and they come with transcriptions for each exercise as well as some incredible features that allows you to slow down the video, use a metronome, midi example of each exercise and more!

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George’s latest DVD is available through Hudson Music worldwide and comes on a beautiful Digipak layout as a 2-Disk Set. With 5 Hours and 20 minutes of material, Intense Metal Drumming II is a must for every metal drummer out there and not only!

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George’s first DVD “Intense Metal Drumming” is exclusively distributed through Music Sales Europe
and it is available worldwide. Check out at your local Music Store to find out more about the DVD that changed Extreme Metal Drumming…

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Axis “George Kollias Signature Edition” pedals

The George Kollias Signature Edition Pedals unite significant features to combine speed, functionality, and design for outstanding performance. The pedals are outfitted with the Electronic Kit, MicroTune Spring Tensioners and a beater having a modified hammer design at George’s request. Three MicroTune Spring Tensioners are included on the George Kollias Signature Edition Double Pedals which allow for quick conversion to two single pedals.
Included on the pedals is a new direct link toe piece, inspired by George, which increases the angle of the footboard for greater leverage. The smooth footboards show George’s singular design which is engraved by laser.

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Vic Firth – “George Kollias Signature” sticks (VF-SGK)

Built for speed! Blends popular features of the 5A and 5B. Barrel tip provides a clear cymbal sound and full drum tone. L = 16″ | Dia. = .585″ 
George’s signature sticks is available worldwide, check with your local music store and try these incredible sticks that will please any drumming style!

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