Skype/Zoom Lessons: All information

  • Welcome to Skype/Zoom private Lessons with George!
    Finally, George is available for One-To-One Lessons using Skype or Zoom app!
    Since technology now allow us to do such a thing, you can now get a private lesson with George directly from your practice room/home!

    Lesson Features:
    You will get a 45min+ LIVE and PRIVATE session with George with a 32-channel audio mix, 4 cameras, 9 different Scenes and professional lighting. George will be using a headset so you also get clear instructions during the lesson.
    PDF sheets will be sent via Email/Skype/Zoom message when this is mandatory (usually after the first Lesson so we know what to work on), and via Email before your next Lesson.

    Requirements from the student:
    A Drum Set close to you and good internet connection will be all! If no Drum Set is available will be still doable so don’t worry.

    Student Level:
    All levels/styles are accepted.
    You can ask to work on specific areas of your drumming, things you want to improve or let George guide you with some of his programs/workouts.

    What am i signing for?
    You are not signing for anything, every student has to pre-pay for the lesson and set the time for it. If you want to continue in weekly/monthly etc lessons is totally up to you and your availability. Each student has different needs and the plan is to get some extra help for your playing. Point here is for you to get some help on your drumming, and that is going to happen ;-)
    George’s suggestion will be (depending on your level): Get 2 to 4 Lessons in a month, then keep up with more Lessons on a Monthly basis. The first Lessons are very crucial so you need to stay tuned!

    General info:
    -Please get in touch with George to set up day/time for the Lesson. Remember he is located in Athens – Greece (time in Greece is GMT+3).
    -Lesson duration has to be strict due to Lessons schedule per day. Please be on time.
    -If any student wants to book a double lesson is of course doable, but has to be agreed/set before the Lesson’s day.
    -Lessons will be done in George’s personal studio in Athens – Greece so no matter where you are from, he can be very flexible with your time schedule.
    -One technical thing you need to know about Skype/Zoom audio is, when you make noise (talk/play/being on a noisy environment) you are cancelling your partner’s audio…So, try to be on a quiet place so we can work better!

    Lessons are strictly private and available for 1 student at the time. No recording/re-producing/sharing/streaming or uploading is allowed and by joining these lessons you agree with the above rule.

    Price & Payment:
    55$ (USD) for a private 45min+ Lesson.
    Payment has to be sent via PayPal at
    Please get in touch with George via email before or after your payment to arrange details.

    * Update: Added Debit/Credit Card payments, type the total amount of the Lessons you want to purchase and pay via Debit/Credit Card:

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