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Registration and Information

  • Welcome to the George Kollias Online School!
    George’s Online School has been active since October 2009 creating a strong community of students from every place in the world. The whole idea behind this concept was to give an opportunity to all the students around the globe to study with George in a way that is the closest possible to the real Private Lessons.

    How does it work?
    Each member has to purchase a Premium Membership for the amount listed bellow. As soon as that is done, your profile gets upgraded to a Premium Member in a few hours and you will have access in the Online School area where you will be able to download one lesson every months, as well as talk about the lesson, share tips, ask questions to George etc.
    All lessons are filmed using 4-5 different cameras for more up close shots, 32 channel audio mix including a mic-headset so you can clearly hear the instructor explaining the lesson, they are filmed in George’s personal studio and they come with a detailed pdf sheet you can print and get to your practice room!

    What are we going to learn there?
    We are about to explore the world of drumming…that simple. Any style and any direction; Metal Drumming, Extreme Metal Drumming, Rock Drumming, Jazz Drumming…anything that you need to know as a drummer. George’s 20 year experience on drumming lessons clearly shows on the lessons, getting every student motivated to progress as a musician and not just as metal drummer. And variety is the key to success…
    You will be getting one lesson per month and you will have a few weeks to study and get ready for the next one. The thing that George is very serious about, and the older Premium Members know this very well, is: Every lesson you take here will add something to your playing instantly. These are into the point lessons and tips that affect your musicality and will make you play better starting today! This was always the purpose for these lessons and this is what we shoot for!

    Are there any rules to follow in George’s Online School?
    Simple answer:
    1. Get serious about drumming, cause we are all serious there…
    2. Be nice with the fellow drummers there, we want to keep this place like a nice big family. At the end of the day, we are all there for the same reason: Talk and learn drums!
    3. DO NOT SHARE WHAT YOU GET THERE with people outside the Online School. You pay for these lessons so why share these with anybody else anyway??? There is a lot of work that has to be done in order for George to give you these videos every month so please support our efforts…
    And to add more:
    4. Be a part of it, we salute members with suggestions and demands; these lessons are for YOU anyways!
    5. Share your progress, post videos or audio of your work and let’s talk about it. The worst thing can happen is you’ll become a much better player than what you are right now!
    6. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do I become a Premium Member?
    All you have to do is to purchase your own membership by sending a PayPal payment of the listed amount bellow to and your account will be activated in a few hours. As soon as you are activated, you are going to have access in the Online School Area for a full year (12 Months) until your membership expires. For any questions or assistance, please contact George at:

    Price for a FULL YEAR membership: €60 (approx. $68)
    Send PayPal payment to:

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